Our Disney packing list for Disney World has you covered with everything you need for your Disney vacation. You want to make sure you’re prepared for your trip to Walt Disney World and we have you covered with everything you need to pack on our packing lists. Take a look at our packing checklist so you arrive at the Most Magical Place on Earth prepared!





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1. Backpack/Comfortable Park Bag

Make sure that you bring a backpack or purse that is comfortable for you to wear for hours at a time. I always advise guests against packing too much into a giant backpack in the parks though, you want to make sure that you’re not loaded down with a huge bag on your trip to Disney. My favorite purse that I pack for Disney is one that switches between a crossbody and a handbag style which gives my back a break throughout my Disney trip. If you need to travel with a diaper bag, consider what bag will work best to carry your kid’s supplies and your own.

2. Water Bottle

Whether you order groceries and include bottled water or bring your own, this is a top item on our packing tips list. You can get dehydrated fast walking in the hot weather and you want to stay as hydrated as possible.

3. Phone and/or Camera

Most people these days have high end cell phones that take great pictures but some guests like to bring their professional camera as well. But just remember- you will have to carry it all day!

4. Battery Pack

You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll need a battery charger on your trip and having one on hand will be a lifesaver. You will often be using the Disney World app along with taking pictures that bringing one of these is a must.

I just purchased this Anker PowerCore battery pack and have really appreciated it. This battery pack is inexpensive, holds a charge well, and is very lightweight. Previously I had a different battery pack on my packing list that was far too heavy.

5. Ponchos

One thing you can count on is to experience rain on your Disney vacation and your family will thank you if you arrive prepared with ponchos. You can find packages of disposable ones on Amazon that come folded up nicely in small packages or buy durable ones to rewear throughout the trip.



These are a good option for discounted clear or colored ponchos from Amazon.

6. Umbrellas

7. Ziploc Bags

I always add a variety of Ziploc bags to our packing list because they’re so handy for leftover food, keeping your essentials dry on water rides, and separating things in your backpack. These are super helpful to have packed with you.

This is something that I like to add to my Amazon order (really inexpensive plastic bags perfect for the park) before I leave for the parks.

8. Sunscreen

You can always find these essential packing list items in your hotel gift shop but you will save money if you arrive prepared with sunscreen. Especially if you’re traveling with kids, this is an essential packing list item.

I personally like the sport sunscreen from Neutrogena because you are moving around and sweating all day.

9. Aloe Vera

Hopefully you can avoid any sunburns but if you’re not so lucky, having this on hand will relieve any of your discomfort.

Sun Bum Aloe Vera Gell is some of my favorite. Made for surfers and also perfect for the theme parks!

10. Lanyards

Lanyards are a great way to display Disney Park pins so if you’re a pin collector this is a must for your Disney World packing list. They can also work as a nice neck wallet to store your gift cards or credit cards in.

11. Hand Sanitizer

Disney will have plenty of hand sanitizer stations throughout the park but having your own means you always have some on hand so add this to your packing list.

12. Aquaphor Ointment

Aquaphor is a great way to keep your hands from drying out from using so much sanitizer so this is another small item to add to your packing list.

These little containers are a lifesaver! I always end up with cracked skin after washing my hands so much – and that was pre COVID.

13. Gold Bond Powder

Even if you don’t have problems with your legs chafing, you might experience it on your Disney World trip from all the walking. Add this item to your Disney World packing list so you’re prepared.

Again, I like the small containers to stick in backpacks in case you have a long day.

14. Packages of Kleenex/Wet Wipes

Pick up some travel sized packages of Kleenex for your park bag as the toliet paper in the bathrooms are pretty scratchy in the park. I also carry a travel sized package of Wet Wipes to wipe down sticky kids hands and tables before we eat.

15. Chapstick

Most folks might have this ready to go in their bags anyways but if you don’t, I recommend adding it to your packing list. Buy some here!

16. First Aid Kit

If you have a small First Aid kit on hand, bring it with so you’re prepared with bandaids for any blisters that might be created from all the walking in the parks.

17. Pain Reliever

Pack the pain reliever of your choice so you always have this on hand if you get a headache or other aches during your trip to the Disney parks.

18. Tums or Pepto Bismol

You’ll be eating out quite a bit during your trip so having some of this on hand for any stomach upset, especially if you have kids, is a wise move.

19. Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are always a must for my Disney World packing list so that way I don’t get woken up by others I’m sharing a hotel room with or noise at my hotel.

20. Power Strip

Consider adding a power strip to your Disney World packing list so there are plenty of outlets for everyone to charge their devices. I particularly like this power strip because it has built in UBS plugs for your phones and other Apple devices.

21. Autograph Book and Sharpie

You can also buy an autograph book in the parks for a reasonable price but any small notebook will do for character autographs. I like to bring a clickable Sharpie so it’s easier for the characters to use when they sign.

22. Glow Sticks

If you have kids, this is a great way to avoid the begging for high dollar glow in the dark toys you will see for sale during nighttime shows at the parks. Have some glow sticks on hand to give out instead. There are a couple of fun combo packs for sale that I like.

23. Pennies and Quarters

If you want to collect the pressed pennies during your trip then add these to your Disney World packing list. Be sure to get shiny pennies!

24. Stroller

If your kids need a stroller during the day you might want to bring your own or you can also rent one from a third party. You might find your kids relying on a stroller more than they usually do in the parks because of all the walking they will do.

25. Travel Documents/Cash

Plan to pack any essential documents you need to travel with (insurance cards, ID, etc.) and consider bringing some cash along with you too. There will be ATMs in Disney World but the fees will be more than it would cost to just run to the bank before the trip.

26. Disney Pins for Pin Trading

If you plan on trading pins, you can find larger quantities for less online before your trip.

27. Kid Necessities

Your kids might need their at home comforts to keep them happy on a trip. You don’t want to arrive at your hotel and realize you forgot the stuffed animal they cannot sleep without! Bring whatever they need to be comfortable at night or in the parks, especially if you have smaller kids.

28. Pocket Size Travel Blanket

Pocket size travel blankets can be found on Amazon for under $15 and they are awesome to have on hand for parades or nighttime shows. You can take them to the beach as well which make them a great item for your Disney packing list. I never go to the parks without mine!

29. Travel Size Shampoo/Bodywash

Depending on what hotel you’re at, you might not want to use the free shampoo/conditioner that is provided. I tend to be more picky on what shampoo I use so I always bring my own. You can also buy plastic smaller shampoo bottles at the Dollar Store and fill with your higher end shampoo at home.

30. Extra Room in Your Suitcase

While we encourage you to prepare yourself a Disney World packing list, you also want to leave some room in your suitcase for souvenirs! There’s a fine balance between being prepared in your Disney World packing and bringing too much. Do a test run at home with your suitcases and make sure you have extra room to spare. If you forget to pack something, it’s not the end of the world in most cases- you can usually find those items in the hotel gift shop.

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