Halloween cocktails are creepy—sometimes gimmicky—and always fun to mix up. These thirst-quenching beverages are sure to add an extra spooky touch to your party, and they’re easy to make. You’ll simply shake or stir these Halloween-worthy drinks just like any other cocktail recipe, but many include cool special effects. From pumpkin-like garnishes to blood-red layers, these show-stopping and delicious cocktails and shots will both charm and frighten your guests.

  • 01of 18Jack-O-Lanternjack o'lantern cocktail hero imageThe Spruce / Madhumita SathishkumarSeveral Halloween drink recipes use the name jack-o-lantern. Yet, few are as simple or eye-catching as this one. While it’s not a pumpkin-flavored cocktail, it certainly looks like one. Inside this glass, you’ll find a pleasant drink of cognac, orange liqueur, and orange juice topped with ginger ale. It’s the Halloween-worthy garnish that takes it from ordinary to extraordinary, and all you need is an orange and lime.Halloween Drinks & Cocktails
  • 02of 18Candy Corn CocktailCandy corn cocktail recipeThe Spruce / Teena AgnelMany attempts have been made to recreate the taste of candy corn in a glass. While they’re not perfect, they are fun. In this candy corn cocktail, you’ll infuse kettle corn into a bottle of gin and pair that with Moscato wine and homemade grenadine. It’s a novelty drink with a fancier look, and that’s what makes it great.
  • 03of 18Halloween HypnotistHalloween Hypnotist Cocktail The SpruceDazzle your guests with a bewitching martini. The haunting, eerie glow of the Halloween Hpnotist is sure to do the trick! The vodka recipe is both easy and fruity—requiring just three common ingredients—vodka, Hpnotiq, and lemon juice—and the glow stick “garnish” completes the effect spectacularly.


5. Tart Cherry Eyeball Punch for you Halloween Party

6. Witches Brew Wine

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