Border Collies are noted for being the smartest dog breeds in the World. But like every dog breed, they need support and direction to live their best doggo lives.

Maybe even more so the case when you have a border collie.

  1. Structure: Although every day does not have to look exactly the same, letting your dog out to the bathroom around the same time in the morning and evening, can help with potty training and build when it is time to play and when it is time to pause for Border Collies.
  2. Games: High excitement games can also be used to develop excellent self-control and teach many basic life skills. Border Collie puppy training requires socialisation Socialise your puppy early on. Ensure that your puppy is allowed to experience in a safe and rewarding way all kinds of places, surfaces, people of all ages, sizes, genders, attires and ways of moving, touching and being handled, vets and buildings, livestock, other dogs and pets, sounds and other sensations that will be a normal part of their life by the time he or she is 12 weeks old. This exposure should work in line with the puppy’s natural curiosity so that they can approach and discover new things and experiences at their pace. Get your pup involved Involve your dog in as many of your daily activities as you can. Engage in a canine sport that both of you will enjoy. Sheeping trials, flyball, agility, scent work and trick training are some examples
  3. Rewards & Treats: Border collies love when you tell them they are doing something good and getting rewarded for it. They want to please you and it is important to support them when they are behaving the way you want. 
  4. Mental Stimulation: Toys are a great way to keep your dog entertained as well as use up all the energy they have as they a ton of it. 
  5. Physical Activity: Following the same vain, giving your dog a lot of exercise is key for a happy healthy pet.

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