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Blog Idea Generator

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Most blog content on the web sucks.

And it's our fault. Because as content marketers, when we focus too much on the results we need to achieve, we forget about the reader.

And that’s a big problem, because when we forget about the reader, our content fails to add value, Google notices, and it gets sucked into a black hole, destined to never be read.

That’s why I built this tool, to help you break out of that cycle and re-connect with your reader.

Unlike other tools that simply add your keyword to a list of templates, our ideas take your audience into account.

How does it work?
We take your keyword and analyze the current top-performing content in Google. We then take that data and plug it into GPT-3 to deliver unique ideas.

For you, this means:

  • Consistently creating content that matches your readers search intent
  • Wasting less time brainstorming ideas for your blog
  • Filling your content calendar in minutes instead of hours
  • Ranking higher and driving more organic search traffic

Let's work together to make blogs suck less,

- Ryo, Cofounder of Topic

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