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Topic is your AI writing assistant that optimizes your content to drive more organic traffic


How It Works

Topic Analyzes Top Results

Our AI looks at other highly performing content and extracts key topics

You Write Better Content

Our easy-to-use editor makes it easy to craft content that uses these key topics

Drive More Organic Traffic

Higher quality content means a higher rank and more organic search traffic


Write Content That Your Audience Is Searching For

It’s not enough to just write great content. It needs to match what your audience is searching for. Topic uses real-time search data and natural-language processing to make sure your audience can find your content on search.

Recommended Topics

Quickly identify weak points in your content. Ensure that everything you publish is SEO Optimized.

Real-Time Content Scoring

See how your content stacks up to the competition. Give your content team a clear benchmark.

Suggested Questions

Satisfy search intent by seeing the most commonly asked questions your audience is asking.

Rapid Research Assistant

Quickly pull up automated text summaries of highly-ranking content and speed up the content creation process.

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