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Surfer SEO Alternative

What is Topic?

How does Topic differ from Surfer SEO?

Why Topic is a Better Surfer SEO Alternative?

Topic vs. SurferSEO: What’s right for me?

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At first glance, most on-page search engine optimization (SEO) tools appear identical. 

Tools like Surfer SEO help you craft higher-ranking SEO content. By expanding on tools like Google Search Console, they make content analysis faster and easier. 

But is Surfer SEO the best content optimization tool? In this guide, we’ll compare Surfer with Topic so you can pick the right choice.

Your search for an easy-to-use, affordable Surfer SEO alternative is finally over.

What is Topic?

Topic is a content optimization tool that helps you consolidate content research, create robust content outlines, and optimize content by grading with our content editor (in real-time). 

Here’s how it works: 

Like Surfer SEO, Topic analyzes search results for a particular query. We then provide powerful insights so you can optimize your content to drive more clicks. Both Surfer and Topic provide search volume, keyword usage, and word count data. 

But how is Topic different? And why is it a better Surfer SEO alternative?

How does Topic differ from Surfer SEO?

The key difference between Topic and Surfer SEO is a matter of philosophy. At Topic, we focus on the human aspect of content writing.

We don’t like getting bogged down in technical minutiae like keyword density. Our guiding principle is, “Write what your audience wants to read.”

We do that by focusing on the most crucial aspect of the writing process: “research”. 

Our topic research section reflects this ethos by: 

  1. Surfacing common questions your audience is asking via Google People Also Ask, Reddit and Quora.
  2. Bringing your competitor’s outlines on any search query in one place. See what helps them rank so you can outrank them with better content.
  3. Curating a list of relevant sub-topics you need to cover. This helps you create the most comprehensive article every time.

The result: content with high topical relevance your audience wants to read. 

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Why Topic is a Better Surfer SEO Alternative for Content Teams

Built for Content Teams

Topic was built around the pain points of content teams. Our keyword research tool uncovers unique content ideas. Our content brief puts you in the shoes of your audience while you write. Our content grader ensures that every blog post is A++ quality.

More importantly, Topic is sleek, minimal, and easy to use. This means more time creating awesome content and less time learning how the tool works: 

Surfer SEO Alternative

On the other hand, Surfer is an on-page optimization tool. The tool is best for expert-level SEOs. Some key features: keyword surfer, backlink checker, and SEO audit.

Surfer is an advanced SEO tool. With so many features and metrics, the interface is complex and often wonky. If you’re not an experienced SEO, the learning curve is steep. Be prepared to attend their webinars to make the most out of Surfer. 

Higher-Quality Recommendations

We’ve put a lot of effort into improving our sub-topic recommendations. There is more sophistication going into our algorithms than simply being a wrapper around IBM Watson or Google NLP APIs. 

Here are the recommendations from Surfer’s content editor. Notice how some terms are generic. Including them won’t improve content quality: 

Alternative to Surfer SEO

AI-Powered Brief Generation

Thanks to GPT-3, Topic can automatically generate an entire content outline. Plug in a title and description, and let our AI do the rest. Use this with our research section to build high-quality briefs in minutes (not hours): 

Topic Content Analysis
Via Topic Content Analysis.

Topic vs. Surfer SEO: What’s right for me?

We’d love to say we’re the right tool for you but here’s an honest answer:

The best choice boils down to what’s most important to you.

Surfer SEO is best suited for expert-level SEOs looking for an on-page SEO tool. Surfer’s basic plan starts at $59/month. If you’re a freelancer or Technical SEO, Surfer is for you.

Note: Surfer’s pricing seems affordable, but the devils in the details. For starters, you have limited NLP credits and it’s easy to run out. Also, it can be frustrating to run out of NLP credits before you run out of content editor credits. My point? You end up paying more than you thought.

Topic’s pricing is based on the number of content briefs you create. And with an annual plan, you get a 20% discount. It’s that simple:

Topic Pricing

With a visible focus on content research and an optimization philosophy that emphasizes readability and content utility, Topic is the clear choice for content marketers who want to create better content for their audience. valuable content to their audiences. With Topic, even SEO newbies will find content optimization easy.

Bottom line: Content optimization is not only easy but affordable with Topic.

We believe this makes Topic one of the best SurferSEO alternatives for on-page SEO.

Comparing Features Surfer SEO vs. Topic

FeatureTopicSurfer SEO
SEO AuditX
Backlink CheckerX
SERP Analyzer
Content Research
Competitive Analysis
Topics To Cover
Content Grader
Google Docs Addon
WordPress Extension
Share Functionality
Keyword Research
Competitor OutlinesX
Outline BuilderX
Questions To AnswerLimited
Outline Idea GenerationX
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