Real Customers, Real Stories

We asked customers what it was like creating content before and after they used Topic. Here’s what they had to say.
Our optimization efforts have dramatically increased in speed. They’ve also grown significantly easier. We’re able to produce many more articles per month.
Jamie Wiebe
Managing Editor, BiggerPockets
“Topic has allowed us to streamline our content scoping process while still creating content that ranks. For some posts, we have seen as much as 300% YoY improvement.
Naomi Tepper
Content Director, Magoosh
I would describe Topic as a complete answer to give you confidence to rank for those top of the funnel keywords and get the organic traffic that you need.
Dejan Gajsek
Marketing, CircuitStream
Instead of spending hours of manual research to create a blog outline, Topic automates the process by creating an outline to hand off to writers.
Jose Angelo Gallegos
SEO Content Writer, Quizlet
I love how it saves me time in creating SEO-optimized outlines and content, especially for longer-form articles. I probably save about 3 hours on average.
Danny Wong
Marketer, Amerisleep
“I love how your tool gives me the "big picture" when researching a topic. It makes it easy for a junior member of my team to build an outline without signifcant training.”
Andre Guelmann
SEO Team Leader at Elementor

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