Your Personal Writing Assistant

With Topic Copilot, have AI write for you within the Content Grader
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Trained on billions of articles, Topic Copilot puts the world’s most advanced AI at your fingertips, helping you draft and edit copy, faster.

Beat writer’s block

Maintain momentum when drafting or editing. Copilot completes your thoughts so you are never staring at a blank screen.

Get your grades up

Quickly expand on important subtopics to reach a higher content grade. Let our AI fill in the gaps in your drafts.

Say what you want to say

Know what you want to say, but don’t know how to say? Quickly turn a list of key points into an easy to read paragraph.
Always original, never plagiarized
Copilot only produces original content. Use what it writes directly, without sorry.
Your tone and voice, automated
Copilot reads your article and adapts to your voice and tone. It’s you, but faster.
Continuously learning and improving
Our AI learns from your actions. Get access to a system that will only get better over time.

Unlimited Usage, One Price

Add Copilot to any Topic subscription for one simple price
Topic Copilot
+ $99 / month
Comes with:
Unlimited AI writing assistance in Content Grader
Convert lists to paragraphs
Simplify complicated sentences