Why Choose Topic over Clearscope?

First, we’d like to give a shout out to the team at Clearscope. They’ve built a great content optimization tool for content creators to optimize their content for search engine optimization (SEO) before publishing.

But Clearscope has a few limitations that hold it back from being the best tool for determining your content strategy. In this post, we'll explain how Clearscope falls short and what you should consider as you look for a Clearscope alternative like Topic to help with content planning and optimization.

What’s the Difference between Topic and Clearscope?

Sure, there are feature and product differences between the companies, but at its core, Topic was designed to speed up the research process when creating a new piece of content.

We believe research is the most crucial step in content creation. Crafting a well-researched article usually involves understanding the search intent, analyzing the competition, identifying the articles that are outperforming, and looking for the most common questions your audience is asking.

This takes time. And on top of that, you need to figure out your angle.

With Topic, we automate the traditionally time-consuming research process so that you can spend time figuring out how to make your content stand out.

Here are a few unique ways we differentiate ourselves from Clearscope:

1) Topic Helps You Write Outlines Faster

A good outline makes the writing process faster. It also minimizes the amount of editorial work later on. However, crafting an outline (aka content brief) can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the process.

Luckily, we have a specialized Outline Builder tool designed to help you speed up the process.

The tool helps you scan through competitor outlines to build your own outline in minutes instead of hours. Simply click on headings, questions, and subtopics that you want to add to your outline. Have writer's block? Our AI will brainstorm unique outlines for you. 

Here’s a quick demo video of how it works:

2) Topic Shows You What Your Audience Wants To Know

To drive organic search traffic, it's not enough to just write great content. It needs to answer the questions your audience is looking for. After all, search engines prioritize content that answers what customers are searching for.

Sources like Answer The Public, Google’s People Also Ask, and Quora are great sources that provide a treasure trove of questions and relevant terms. 

Finding and sorting through these questions can be a tedious process. Topic aggregates these questions from these sources, sorts them by relevance so that you can focus your energy on answering them.

3) Topic Can Cluster Topics By Semantic Similarity

Many AI tools including Clearscope extract the most common sub-topics and sort them by relevance. 

When you are given a list of subtopics, it can be hard to sift through these subtopics and turn them into meaningful outlines. 

We cluster the subtopics by semantic similarity which means that your editors and writers can make better sense of the breadth of topics they need to cover.

Compare Topic’s semantically clustered results with Clearscope’s results:

4) Flexible Pricing

Are you a solo blogger, agency, or part of a large editorial team? We’ve got you covered.

Our flexible pricing accommodates everyone and scales as your needs grow.

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Topic Vs Clearscope Feature Comparison

Content Research
Competitor Outlines
Outline Builder
Questions To Answer
Outline Idea Generation
Competitive Analysis
Topics To Cover
Content Grader
Wordpress Plugin
Google Docs Extension
Share Functionality
Keyword Research

Here's what our customers have to say:

I’ve used SEO tools like Clearscope in the past but have long been hunting around for something more intuitive that allows me to view reports, create outlines, and edit content all within one platform. Topic was the answer. Its simple design and integration into platforms like Google Docs make my life as an editor much easier!


As a content agency, we were considering picking up Clearscope to streamline our SEO writing process. But before I committed I wanted to see if there are any other tools that are similar or better. After doing our research, we chose Topic and have been working with them for a couple months now. The price is more flexible, the team is responsive, and it has all the features we need.


I was a big user of Clearscope and used it for a couple of years. However, I've found that with their tool, you still need a level of expertise in order to create an outline. That's why I was looking for an alternative.

After switching to Topic, I've found that it is not only easier to use, but also gives me a better idea of the big picture on what I need to cover for our content.


We had demo calls with several competitors including Clearscope before we picked a solution.

We're glad we went with Topic as it has been has been massively helpful for our writers. Plus, the Topic team is highly responsive and helpful. Even in the few months that we've been working with them they've added a bunch of helpful features to make our workflow easier.

Awesome team, awesome product.


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