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Topic makes your SEO content production process more efficient.
See how we can save you money and free up your time to create even better content:

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create outlines in minutes
consistently maximize the ranking potential for every article
produce high-quality drafts that nail the search intent
$200 / mo
without Topic
create outlines in hours
miss out on valuable ranking opportunities
re-write and re-work drafts that forget to incorporate key concepts
$1000's / mo
in wasted research time and opportunity cost

What our customers have to say

"Topic allows me to create outlines in minutes instead of hours. They are incredibly easy to understand and can be passed on to my content team seamlessly."

Richard Garvey, Acer SEO

"We have been using Topic for two months now and have witnessed ranking increases on all optimized content."

Steve Wetmore, InstaVIP

"If you need to create a blog outline, this tool is a must-have! Topic has saved me so many hours of manual work by automating content and keyword research."

Jose Angelo, Quizlet

"The content grader tool is my favorite tool on the Internet right now. It makes optimizing your content (blog posts, in my case) for SEO super simple and not forced."

Emilie Pires, Zeni AI

"It's hard to find a writer that knows anything about my target niche. Topic has given us such a huge leg up."

Jordan Crawford, Scout

"There are a lot of content optimization tools out there, and I've tried many of them. For me, Topic has been the one that gives me keyword suggestions that actually make an impact on our content's ranking."

Bimal Rebba, Trell

"After trying Clearscope, we've ended up choosing Topic, been working with them for a couple months now, the price is better and it has all the features we need."

Kirill, AUQ Agency

"Topic has helped us make the most of our team's resources by making sure each piece of content we produce is SEO-friendly and matches what our audience is looking for."

Nitish, EvaBot

Frequently asked questions

Can I trial your product before buying?

Although we do not support free trials, we can send you more content briefs for you on an ad-hoc basis while you evaluate our product. Just send an email to with the keywords you'd like us to create reports for.

We also offer a first-month satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our product during your first month, we are happy to give you a full refund.

Do we have to pay extra for more people?

Nope. We don't charge you based on how many users you add. 5 users or 50, the price is the same. So invite your entire team!

Do you have annual billing options?

Yes. We offer either monthly or yearly billing options. The yearly billing option is always cheaper. Reach out to us if you prefer a to be billed annually.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel anytime! Your satisfaction is  important to us, so if at anytime you'd like to cancel you can do so within our platform.