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Why Use Topic?

Scale Content Production
Automate the tedious research involved in creating and outline and content brief.
Showcase Your Expertise
Use a cutting-edge tool that finds unique insights that manual research wouldn’t uncover.
Make Clients Happy
Better research means better quality content. Rank higher and drive more leads.

Agency Success Stories

How OpGen Media Cut Research Time by 80% with Topic
“Saving the research time is valuable for us because it saves us from having to hire someone to do the research. We’ve saved the cost of half a full-time employee.”
How WSI Cut Research Time for Content Down to 20 Minutes with Topic
“We’re not just trying to awkwardly squeeze in keywords anymore. With Topic, we’re using data and logic to improve our SEO work - and clients notice.”
There are certainly lots of tools that can help evaluate content once created - but not many that can actually help get the ball rolling in the right direction - which is where most of the time is spent.
We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of time it takes to create content briefs and turn the content as well.
Marston Gould
Digital Marketing Consultant Courageously Digital
The developers at Topic have a background in SEO. Which means they built a tool first and foremost for SEOs. Their UI is elegant, and well thought out.
I am noticing an increase in content production, an increase in content quality (from writers), and an ability to just move faster overall.
Malcolm Compbell
Co-founder, DigiLeads
Topic allows me to save time researching new topics so I can quickly build content outlines. It’s an indispensable tool for my writing team to create SEO optimized articles and product pages.
I love that I can have outlines created in minutes instead of hours.

Richard Garvey
Founder and CEO, AcerSEO

3 Ways to Work Together

Give your entire in-house content team access to Topic. Use sharable links to allow freelancers to access briefs without having to log in.
Best fit: For agencies that do full service content creation with an in-house or freelance team of writers.
Managed Account
Collaborate with your clients with managed accounts tied to your agency. Set limits on the number of briefs they can create. Your clients will use your agency’s credits and will only be able to see briefs they create.
Best fit: For agencies with clients who manage their own content creation.
Refer clients to a best-in-class tool and get a referral bonus. The client gets 50% off their first month and you receive 20% recurring.
Best fit: For agencies that serve as strategic partners to clients with established content teams of their own.

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