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Consolidate Your Research
Enter the focus keyword for your post and using the top 30 results in Google, we'll find what headings, questions, and keywords you should include.
Rapidly Build an Outline
Use Topic's Outline Builder to curate the research into a comprehensive outline. Need a creative assist? Our AI comes up with new ideas for you.
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Optimize Before Publishing
Use Topic's Content Grader to quickly see what your draft is missing. Create a feedback loop that ensures that every article covers what your audience is searching for.

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Save Time
Spend less time doing painstaking, manual research.
More Content
Scale your content program without having to hire more people
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Create content that’s more valuable and ranks higher than the competition.
After optimizing a piece of content using Topic, clicks from organic search increased by 3x
It would have cost $16,500 a year to pay for this traffic on AdWords
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Topic is without a doubt the best tool I've seen in the space. 
Yuriy Yarovoy
Founder of

What Our Customers Have to Say

“What impressed us the most is the fact that it effectively achieved better rankings and traffic without a lot of extra work. On one blog post, we increased new users by over 300% year-over-year, and added 70 page-one keywords, and 40 keywords in positions 1-3. We also achieved position 2 for our primary keyword.”
Naomi Tepper
Senior Manager, Content
“It only takes us ten minutes to create a content brief using Topic compared to the hour-long manual research we were doing before.”
Brandon Pindulic
I can send well-developed outlines that include title and meta information in a neat package to our writers. It helps me build outlines in 20-30 minutes – a task that used to take me an hour to an hour and a half.

It’s awesome.
Jamie Wiebe
Managing Editor
“Our agency writes in excess of 500 articles per month for clients. With Topic, we can consistently produce high quality article frameworks that are SEO optimized and developed with great insights that would be almost impossible to get with a manual process. Clients always get excited when they see how it works.”
Francois Muscat
Marketing Consultant
“If you need to create a blog outline, this tool is a must-have! Topic has saved me many hours of manual work by automating the research.”
Jose Angelo Gallegos
SEO and Content
“I love how it saves me time in creating SEO-optimized outlines and content, especially for longer-form articles. I save about 3 hours on average with each Topic report versus if I pulled the insights manually. My team works through dozens of articles each week too, so we save hundreds of hours each month.
Danny Wong
Senior Editor

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