How BiggerPockets Grew Organic Traffic by 2,000% with Topic

Learn how BiggerPockets grew their monthly organic website pageviews and cut their content research time in half.

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About Bigger Pockets

provides helpful tools to guide and educate real estate investment enthusiasts.

“The company was designed to help real estate investors find community, resources, and assistance to start building their portfolios and learn more about the industry,” says Jamie Wiebe, Managing Editor of SEO Content.

With thousands of pages on their website already, BiggerPockets wanted to refocus on growing organically and needed a solution to streamline content creation and optimization.

After implementing Topic, Jamie was able to:
1) cut her blog post outline process in half
2) increase organic pageviews on the Bigger Pockets Glossary from 165 to 4,000 a week.

The Challenge

“Right now, our content is lagging. But one of our main goals is to focus on growing our organic traffic.”

Jamie was desperate to find a solution to optimize the company’s massive blog in a scalable way while simultaneously producing three new articles per week. 

“We had 10,000 blog posts that needed to be optimized, corralled, and combined. There’s no way I have time to sit there digging through SERPs to optimize everything on my own, plus continue making outlines for my writers and editing their work.”

The Solution

Jamie needed to find a product that would simplify and automate part of her workload by helping her with two essential tasks:

1) Developing new content
2) Optimizing existing content

“The moment I found Topic, I knew it had all the features I was looking for,” Jamie told us. “I can send well-developed outlines that include title and meta information in a neat package to our writers. And then I can run the finished pieces through Topic’s content editor.”

Jamie told us how impressed she is by the quality of keyword recommendations and the content editor’s grading system. She also appreciates how the information is presented in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

“The other way I’m using Topic is to optimize old content. It helps me update articles easily by suggesting relevant keywords and content additions to attract more readers, all while maintaining the author’s voice.”

Topic also allows users to optimize content naturally for search. “Your content editor feels intelligent in a way that similar products in the marketplace just don’t.”

As an initial test, Jamie decided to focus on optimizing Bigger Pockets’ real estate terms glossary as well as integrate it into her workflow for producing new content.

The Results

Topic has helped Jamie cut down her research time considerably. “It helps me build outlines in 20-30 minutes – a task that used to take me an hour to an hour and a half. It’s awesome.”

It’s also helped her optimize existing articles much more quickly than she could in the past. “Our optimization efforts have dramatically increased in speed. They’ve also grown significantly easier. We’re able to produce many more articles per month than we previously could.”

And as for the initial test, the results spoke for themselves: “Organic pageviews for the glossary are up 2,000% (165 to 4,000 views per week). And organic blog views have grown from 108,000 to 120,000 per week.”

“Topic is an essential part of my workflow now. I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing without it. I’ve looked at similar products on the market, and yours is by far the best.”


Topic is an essential part of my workflow now. I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing without it.

Jamie Wiebe
Managing Editor of SEO Content

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