How Circuit Stream Grew Their Organic Search Traffic By 300% with Topic

Learn how Circuit Stream grew their monthly organic pageviews and cut their content research time in half.

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About Circuit Stream

Circuit Stream is an IT agency offering AR/VR training, learning, and software services to help businesses master immersive technology. Since 2015, Circuit Stream has helped +25,000 people learn to design and develop virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

“SEO is important for Circuit Stream because AR/VR is still a new industry”, says Dejan Gajsek, Head of Marketing at Circuit Stream, “and our goal is to get the most leverage and traffic through organic channels.”

Dejan’s team writes about 20 articles every month, and content creation is how he helps Circuit Stream build awareness and generate leads.

When it comes to creating content, “You have to create a better answer with more information and make it more actionable. That's the recipe for success.” 

After integrating Topic into his content creation process and SEO research workflow, Dejan was able to grow monthly organic search traffic from 8,000, to 24,000 (+300%).

The Challenge

Before Dejan integrated Topic into the process, he spent hours developing outlines for his writers. 

“One tool that we use is Ahrefs, which is a tremendous help, but it doesn’t tell you what you need to do to reach the top spots.”

Using keywords from Ahrefs, Dejan used Google to manually inspect the most popular articles to understand how to structure his outline.

The process was time-consuming but necessary because, according to Dejan, “Beating the competition is essential, and the only way to do it is to be adamant about your research. SEO is a winner-take-all channel, with the vast majority of traffic going to the top results.”

The Solution

Looking for a way to make the content creation process more efficient, Dejan was in the market for a tool that could help. 

After doing his research on the available tools, he decided to try out Topic. 

“It was so easy to test. And when I saw the inside of the product, I loved how it just gives you what you need and not a bulk of unnecessary features.”, says Dejan.

Dejan integrated Topic into his workflow and used the technology to find key subtopics to cover in his articles. He then created content outlines for his writers and used the Topic Content Grader to assess the results. 

“The letter-based grading system has gamified the content optimization process for our team. I’m a task-oriented person and I love seeing that my content is an A+ before publishing.”

Integrating Topic into his workflow was seamless and his team was able to adopt it quickly. "My writers have told me: ‘I didn't know this tool existed, it makes so much sense’"

The Results

After optimizing a handful of articles with Topic, Dejan saw initial results in as early as two weeks. 

Guides targeting valuable keywords like "vive vs oculus" jumped from page 2 to the top of page 1:

Over a six-month period following Circuit Stream's use of Topic, the site's organic search traffic grew from 8,000, to 24,000 (+300%).

Dejan now uses Topic for content marketing every day. “It’s strange to say, but I’m emotionally connected with the user interface. I love the clean design and the personal attention from you guys, the founders.”


I would describe Topic as a complete answer to give you the confidence to rank and get the organic traffic that you need.

Dejan Gajsek
Managing Editor of SEO Content

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