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Learn how Topic works
Content marketing is hard, especially if you're writing for organic search. Make it easier by using Topic to create expert-level, comprehensive content.


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To drive organic search traffic, it's not enough to just write great content. It needs to match what your audience is searching for.

How does Topic help you?

Topic uses real-time search data and natural language processing to help you write content that matches what your audience is searching for.

Topic helps you write higher-quality content

Ensure your content matches what your audience wants to read

Topic helps you make a bigger impact

Higher-quality content means more traffic and greater ROI on your content marketing efforts

Topic helps you beat the competition

Get clear guidance on how to write content that outranks your competitors

Topic keeps your existing content library fresh

Update your existing content with Topic to keep it performing at its best

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Three Steps to Better Content

Upgrade your Outlines

Let us give you a head-start to writing your next piece of content. Just enter a keyword, and Topic's Content Briefs will show you what you need to cover.


Enhance your Drafts

Use Topic's Content Grader to quickly see what your draft is missing. Create a feedback loop that ensures that every article covers what your audience is searching for.


See the Results

After optimizing a piece of content using Topic, clicks from organic search increased by 540 / month.

It would have cost $15,000 a year to pay for this traffic on AdWords.

Content Marketers ❤️ Topic

The content grader tool is my favorite tool on the Internet right now.

"It makes optimizing your content (blog posts, in my case) for SEO super simple and not forced; Without hesitation I recommend Topic to everyone I know."

Ranking Increases on All Optimized Content

"Topic ensures you are aware of all relevant keywords as you write or optimize your article and provides resources to make sure the writer understands context. We have been using Topic for two months now and have witnessed ranking increases on all optimized content."

Essential Tool For Any Content Marketer

"If you need to create a blog outline, this tool is a must-have! Topic has saved me so many hours of manual work by automating content and keyword research."


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