How OpGen Media Cut Research Time by 80% with Topic

Previously, OpGen's content team spent over an hour per article doing SEO research. With Topic, it now takes them ten minutes.

About OpGen Media

OpGen Media is a B2B demand generation agency and Platinum HubSpot Partner that helps B2B businesses with lead generation, content marketing, SEO, paid advertising, and marketing automation. Their clients include B2B SaaS and Professional Services companies such as Citrix, Productive Edge, Workfront, and DocuSign.

“About 75% of our clients on retainer leverage our SEO and content services,” says Brandon Pindulic, Founder and CEO, “and our team’s goal is to help our clients improve their search presence across their key ‘buying terms’, enabling our clients, who are all B2B companies typically selling Mid-Market to Enterprise deals, effectively market to their buyers across the entire Buyer’s Journey.” 

After integrating Topic into their content creation workflow, the OpGen Media team was able to scale their content creation to meet the needs of their clients, decreasing their research time from one hour to just ten minutes per article.

The Challenge

For Brandon, high-quality content starts with high-quality research.

“We work with B2B SaaS and Services companies that are focused on very specific technical problems. So, the content we produce needs to be both engaging and accurate.”

However, high-quality research takes time.

“Our previous process was very manual. We had to do all the keyword research and spend time carefully reading top-ranking articles and comparing them. It was an hour-long process just to create a single content brief.”

The Solution

With a bevy of clients asking for quality content, Brandon started looking for a solution to scale up his process. 

“I chose Topic because it looked like it could automate the research process and help us create content faster while still maintaining the level of quality we want.”

After a quick demo of the tool, Brandon signed up.

I found that unlike other SEO tools, Topic actually helps scale our productivity. Most SEO tools do the same thing. They let you look up the keywords, see what you are ranking for, show you pages that are broken, but none of them actually help you in doing the work."

"With Topic all I have to do is plug in our focus keywords, and it shows me everything I need to know to move ahead in the writing process.”

The Results

After a week of use, it was clear that they would never again go back to the days of manual research.

“It only takes us ten minutes to create a content brief using Topic compared to the hour-long manual research we were doing before.”

“Saving the research time is valuable for us because it saves us from having to hire someone to do the research. We’ve saved the cost of half a full-time employee. And it’s allowed us to scale our productivity as a team. Previously our team could do 5 to 6 briefs a week, but now we can do 50 to 60. That’s a ten-fold increase in productivity.”

“We are currently using it for all of our new clients. It’s the standard process now for any content that we create. Our clients have increased their search rankings in just a few weeks with the content outlined in Topic.”

It’s even helped close a deal.

“For one of our potential deals, we were pitching content optimization to a company. This company had written 250 blog posts but none of them were ranking. During our sales process, we created a Topic content brief and used it to show them how they can improve the article. Seeing the brief helped them trust that we knew what we were talking about and helped close the deal.”

“Topic is one of the better SEO tools that I've used in a long time. Topic plus SEMRush is all we need for SEO.”

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Topic is one of the better SEO tools that I've used in a long time.

Brandon Pindulic
Founder and CEO, OpGen Media

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