How WSI Cut Research Time for Content Down to 20 Minutes with Topic

Previously, Francois and his content team at WSI would spend over two hours researching SEO, headings, and topic ideas for each batch of articles. With Topic, Francois spends a fraction of that.

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About WSI

We Simplify the Internet – WSI – is a full-service digital marketing agency and global consulting group with a unique business model.

Francois Muscat has worked with WSI since their early days in 2003 when he bought in as a franchisee. Today, he’s one of WSI’s top-ten consultants and trainers in their network.

Francois and his team at WSI devote most of their effort to strategy work, competitive analysis, and content production. He estimates that 30% of his team’s revenue comes from content and 60% comes from SEO work.

His team produces over 5,500 pieces of content a month:

“We write about 500 blog posts and 5,000 social media posts each month for clients so content research and writing take up a huge chunk of our time.”

WSI had plenty of demand for their content services but needed a solution to streamline their workflow without cutting corners. By using Topic for content and SEO research, Francois slashed his research time for each article down to just 20 minutes while improving results.

The Challenge

Before Francois came to Topic for help, he was spending over two hours on research for each article – even with his 20-year expertise.

As part of each content framework, WSI’s copywriters would find a topic idea and headline. From there, they pass the article off to SEO who comes up with H2s, H3s, and a solid SEO strategy – an extremely clunky and time-consuming process.

“I would analyze the top results for each topic’s keyword, opening each top-ranking article to nail down the best headings and H2s. I’d write these H2s and whatnot down by hand in a notebook or spreadsheet along with the original link which I’d pass off to the copywriters.”

In the content marketing world, time is money. Francois needed a solution to streamline his team’s topic and SEO research.

The Solution

By implementing Topic, Francois cut his two-hour research time down to just 20 minutes.

He investigated some other solutions but found them too expensive, impersonal, or difficult to learn:

“It was a ‘take it or leave it’ company and that’s not how I like to do business.”

Francois needed a tool with a speedy learning curve and friendly vibe so his WSI team could put it to use immediately.
The passionate and approachable team first drew Francois into Topic.

“Topic wasn’t just trying to sell me something. They took a genuine interest in my agency and clients. Topic also listens to my thoughts as a customer and often implements my suggestions to improve my experience.”

The Results

Francois says using Topic has opened up a “massive opportunity” because it helps his team at WSI close deals with clients and improve relationships.

With Topic, Francois can deliver better results from SEO content in less time. His clients are also impressed with the SEO value and attention to detail WSI’s content provides.

“We’re not just trying to awkwardly squeeze in keywords anymore. With Topic, we’re using data and logic to improve our SEO work – and clients notice.”

By using Topic to audit and optimize a client’s financial services website, Francois produced a three-fold increase in website traffic. A win for a client is a win for Francois.

WSI is so impressed with the results Francois gets from Topic that he’s preparing to lead a training program for the rest of the franchise, although Francois admits he’s hesitant to share his secret!


Using Topic has opened up a massive opportunity. And the clients, they love it.

Francois Muscat
Digital Marketing Consultant, WSI

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